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The week-end 9.-10. April it was two shows in Bergen
Skjervtun's She Got The Look, "Savannah",

 became BOB puppy and Bis 2 at NSK avd. Hordaland Saturday.

Ulla received the CC, got her title NUCh and BOS.

Søs ended BOB at NKK Bergen Sunday.

  Skjervtun's She Got The Look, "Savannah", BOB Puppy
Sunday 3. April 2011  Franco became Danish Show Champion.
 NV 08 NUCh  DKCh Northworth Fear for Fight. 

He received the CC, and ended BOS with his very competent handler Helle :-)
Søndag 28 nov 2010 var det  Nordisk Vinner på Lillestrøm.
Søs becomes BOB & Ch Casein's Campania BOS. The judge is Annika Ulltveit Moe.
The week-end 9-10 oktober 2010 it was an International All Breed Show in the Vikingskipet at Hamar.
 NUCh NV 08 Northworth Fear for Fight won again Best of Breed. 

From Russia with Love "Teddy" has now reached the age of two. He was qualified already when he was one, but needed a CC after the age of two for his title.
So now he's got the title Norwegian Show Champion.

The judge was Ken Campbell.
BOB  NUCh NV 08 Northworth Fear for Fight.  BOS Rainstorm Perfect Match.
Skjervtun's Primadonna "Donna" has achieved some very good results this year.
Norsk Dalmatinerklubb Tromsø 30. May. Judge: Colette Muldoon. CC. BOS.

Salten Brukshundklubb Bodø 19. June. CC. BOB. Big 2.

Norsk Belgisk Fårehundklubb Nordland 20. June. Judge: Giuliano Biasiolo. CC. BOS.

Svolvær 7.Aug. Judge: Walter Schicker. CC. BOB. Big 2.

Svolvær 8.Aug. Judge: Lena Stålhandske. CC. BOB. Big 4.

Congratulations to the the proud owner Kristin Olsen.
Show at Svolvær 7 aug.2010. Judge: Walter Schicker .
18. September 2010 the Norwegian Spaniel Klub avd. Telemark had their Autumn Show in Skien
Bob & BIS 2 was NUCh NV 08 Northworth Fear for Fight. 

 Stig Arne Kjellevold was judging.
Bob & BIS 2 ble NUCh NV 08 Northworth Fear for Fight.  Bos was Casein's Move On to Geir Aronsen & Lars Ellingsen.
4. September 2010 the Norwegian Spaniel Klub avd. Østfold had their Show at Rygge.
Judge for the Cockers was Ralph Dunne from Ireland.

Skjervtun's Fairytale was BOB & BIS.
Skjervtun's Fairytale BOB and Carillo Classic Choice BOS.
BIS at NSK Østfold 4. September 2010 Skjervtun's Fairytale.
31. July 2010 it was an International Show at Ransäter in Sweden.
"Lisa" Skjervtun's Lika an Angel til Linda Petterson from Sweden (White russian vom Schloss hellenstein - NUCH Skjervtun's Like it Love it) got the CC & res. Cacib in Ransäter ! (Lisa is a littersister to Teddy & Nellie)

A big Congratulation to Linda :-)
Skjervtun's Lika an Angel.
24-25 July 2010  Moss Hundeklubb & Norsk Spaniel Klub avd. Oslo/Akershus had there Shows at Råde.
Skjervtun's Carpe Diem "Nellie" won BOB Sunday at Moss HK. Big congratulations to both of you .-)

Saturday at NSK avd. Oslo the daughter of  Baba. "Coco" BOB and BIS 3! Baba sends his greetings from Italy ! 

Teddy had as usual some problems with his concentration, but got his CC and ended BOS. The judge was Kari Haave.
Skjervtun's Carpe Diem " Nellie" ended BOB under Ing-Marie Hagelin.
6. juni -2010 the Norwegian Spaniel Klub - Vestfold had their Show in Tønsberg.
Lena Stålhandske judged all the spaniels.

Ulla received another CC, and ended 2. Best Bitch.

Søs won BOB and ended as BIS 3.
Ulla won her third CC in Tønsberg  Granny's future handler.. Didrik 2 years :-) 
5. June 2010 it was International All Breed Show in Drammen.
Frank Kane judged the Cockers.

Ulla received another CC, and became 2. Best Bitch.

Nice to relax in the sun after a long day Drammen, and we have a visitor, -  Pippi Lotta, Mona's sweet American :-)
29-May -2010 it was the Norwegian Spaniel Club's MainShow at Jevnaker.
The day after Avdeling Buskerud had it's Show the same place.
Wet and tired, but very happy :-) BIS Sunday under Michael Kristensen.
We had a lovely week-end at Jevnaker where NSK had their yearly Main Show. Judge Saturday was Michael Kristensen and Sunday it was Helle Dan Pålson, both from Denmark.
Saturday : Søs was BOB and ended as BIS 2.
Sunday Saga received the CC, and ended as 3. Best Bitch.

Sunday Søs won BOB & BIS !
8. May it was International all breed Show in Kristiansand.
Saga won the CC and ended as 2. Best Bitch.  Søs ended as BOB.
 Elina Tan-Hietalahti from Finland was judging.
14. March 2010 we entered the ring at Crufts, the worlds best known Dogshow .
It's now or never..... STAY....
Now we're on..... where is dad? Do the judge like me, or ? he looks me in the eyes, and I look back... 
Søs achieved some fantastic results in England ! She was the second Best Bitch in the open class, only beaten by the BOB Winner. All the congratulations from the press, public and judges from several countris made this a very Great day for us.:-) And a big thank you to the judge Mr. Frank Kane.
I'm back after three hectically days in England, while Leif and "the golden girl" has been travelling in England almost a week.
For the first time in his own car, driving on the "wrong" side, but he made very well from day one.
Now we are just longing for them to return home.
6. February NSK Telemark had their Spaniel Special in Skien.
Skjervtun's Fairytale
Skjervtun's Fairytale  "Ulla" was out for the first time in Junior Class. We took her out first of all for social training, but in the end she made very well and won her first CC. We look forward for her next show.
Søs did it again, won BOB and ended
Best in Show !

Judge: Karl Eddie Berge, Norway.
16 & 17 January it was a two days show in Stoholm, Denmark.
The judgeSunday was Stig Arne Kjellevold from Norway
Bir, BIS 2  Skjervtun's In Her Shoes " Søs"
Bos , Black Lord I have a Dream, owner Kennel Sheerclever, Dk. 
Juha Kares from Finland was judging on Saturday.
Nuch Such Skjervtun's Love Express" Alfa " got the title NORDIC CHAMPION.
Congratulations to Mona & Alfa, well done :-)
And to Kalle, the dad to Søs & Alfa.
7-8 November 2009 it was International Show in Herning, Danmark.
It's lovely to be a Norwegian in Denmark !  
"Søs" returned from Denmark with the title
Nord.J.V-06, NUCh SUCh WW-08 DkUCh Nord Ch Int. UCh Skjervtun's In Her Shoes .

Michael Kristensen from Denmark was judging.

The group was judged by Lotte Jørgensen, who placed Søs as BIG 3 !

BOS was DkCh Natisja's Adonis,
owner A. Christiansen & P. Villumsen , Denmark.
03-10-2009 it was NKK International at "the Vikingship" in Hamar
CC and BOS  Skjervtun's Choise of Saga " Saga ".
CC, BOB , Big 3 Nord.Jr.v 08 Charbonnel Blue'N Yellow " Billy". Owners: Kennel Allerts, Sweden.
This was Saga's third start in the show-ring from the Jr.class, so we are very happy for this result :-)

The judge was Kenneth Edh from Sweden.
05-09-2009 it was NSK Special Show at Rygge in Østfold.
World Winner -08 Nord.Jr.V -06, NUCh SUCh  Skjervtun's In her Shoes ended Best in Show.
The BIS judge was David Shields from Great Britain.

Søs is so far top cocker of the year. You can see the list here>>
Skjervtun's from Russia with Love " Teddy " won the CC and was 2 Best Dog. This was his CC number 4.  The breed-judge was Kari Haave, "Travis".
Three anxious handlers, Marianne, Elin & Rigmor
waiting for the result in Best Bitch.
Søs moved a lot better in the BIS- finale.
Best in Show under David Shields! BOB - Nord.Jr.V06, Nuch.Such.WW08 Skjervtun's In her Shoes " Søs"  
Nuch Such Casein's Calabria "Ciko".
Breed judge: Kari Haave - Travis.
16-08-2009 it was NKK Interntional at Bjerkebanen in Oslo.
  Skjervtun's Choise of Saga
(NUCH NORD V 06 Skjervtun's Time to Move On - Wedding Night vom Schloss Hellenstein - ).

Best Juniorbitch and qualiefied for Crufts.

World Winner -08 N Jr.V -06, NUCh SUCh
Skjervtun's In her Shoes 
ended 2. Best Bitch
15-08-2009  NSK avd. Oslo/Akershus had their Spaniel Special Show.
 With rain all day long, this was a wet day for both us and the dogs, but so what?

World Winner -08 Nord.Jr.V -06, NUCh SUCh  Skjervtun's In her Shoes was Best in Show.

Skjervtun's from Russia with Love, Teddy ended BOS.

Karl Eddy Paulsen judged the breed, and Ann Corbett judged BIS .
05-07-2009  Åsnes HK had their Show
Skjervtun's Carpe Diem, Nellie
 (White Russian vom Schloss Hellenstein - NUCH Skjervtun's Like it love it )
recieved her first CC, was BOB & 4 in the Group.

The owner is Trine Svartås 
A lot of Congratulations!!

BOS to Rainstorm Satisfaction "Shadow" with owners Marianne & Ørjan Ullebø. Shadow also got his NUCh title this day.
07-06-2009 it was International All Breed Show in Drammen.

Skjervtun's from Russia with Love  (White Russian vom Schloss Hellenstein - NUCH Skjervtun's Like it Love it - )

got the CC and ended BOS

BOB to Ingunn Morseth & Casein's Rioja  

Kennel Skjervtun's also recieved BOB Breedersgroup.
06-06-2009  NSK avd. Vestfold had their Spaniel Speciel in Tønsberg.
 World Winner -08 Nord.Jr.V -06
 Skjervtun's In her Shoes ended BOS

BOB was Travis Upside Of Anger. Owner: Kari Haave 

 Judge: Vidar Grundekjærn
Didrik with his grandparents at his first dogshow..  Didrik felt it was a lovely day, with kind people and dogs in Gunnarsbøparken in Vestfold. !!! 
The Week-End 30-31 May 2009 it was NSK avd. Buskerud & Norsk Spaniel Club's Main Show .

 This year we wanted to celebrate Didrik's first birthday, so we decided to stay home this week-end.

But, - Skjervtun's Baba's Choise "Balthazar" with owner Monica Eide was the one of the Skjervtun's dogs to do best this week-end.
He is out of Baba & Wendy, and is Saga's litterbrother !

Trine & Monica, and Linda in Sweden
has all of them done very well with the "puppies from last year".

Saturday Jan Roger Sauge was judging, and  Balthazar recieved 1.jk, 1.jkk, Ck, 4.bhk.
Sunday it was Barbro Myrseth Gjerde was judging, and he recieved 1.jk, 1.jkk, Ck.
10-05-2009 NSK avd. Agder had their Show.
BOB & BIS 3 was World Winner -08 Nord.Jr.V -06, NUCh SUCh  Skjervtun's In her Shoes " Søs" under Gareth Lawler, England.

Skjervtun's from Russia with Love, Teddy, got the CC and ended as 2. Best Dog.

BOS was Casein's Calabria.


09-05-2009 International All Breed Show NKK Kristiansand.
NV -08 Northworth Fear For Fight "Franco"  was BOB & BIG 3. 

BOS: Claudette True to You. 

Guiseppe Allesandro judged the breed.  Anne Buvik judged the Group.
We have now five litters to come at four breeders in different countries.
We wish A Good Luck with puppies from "The Boys" at Skjervtun !!!! Paddy is expecting a litter at his breeder Monica at kennel Manaca's in Sweden. Baba expecting a litter at kennel Art-Waves in Sweden. Kalle expect puppies at kennel Cockergold/Galaxy in Denmark. Kalle has 8 puppies at Northworth in Finland, and Walter is visiting Nina in Finland, and he will be father to a litter there :-)  
Herman has his first litter in Italy, and two more litters will come.
Baba will travel to Italy this year. He will participate in some shows, and probably have some litters as well :-)
This will be exiting, and we will travel with him and take a very needed holiday. 
The pictures are showing Walters arrival to Finland!! Saturday night was spend in the sofa with Nina and her good friends Sandra & Pekka.
It seems that Walter feels that a holiday with Nina in Finland is very OK !!!
Thanks Nina, for taking good care of our Boy!!!
22-03-2009  NKK International in Bergen

Two previous "Worldwinners" on top.

World Winner -08 Nord.Jr.V -06, NUCh SUCh Skjervtun's In Her Shoes, "Søs"
won Best Bitch & BOS

Ur J Ch, Ur.Ch, Swe CH, Arg. WW-05
Corralet Indian Savage handled by the owner
Nina Kauhanen ended BIR & BIG
22-02-2009 it was NKK International in Bø in Telemark
NV -08 Northworth Fear For Fight "Franco" got the CC and his title Norwegian Show Champion. He ended as 2. Best Dog.

Skjervtun's Royal Express "Klara" ended as 2. Best Bitch.
Cacib Milan Show 25-01-2009 with 75 Cockers entered


 Skjervtun's Picture Perfect "Hermann" owned by Mr Gariboldi Fiorenzo was BOB with Cacib under Mr Yerusalimsky Eugene (Russia).
 CACIB Milan is in general the most important show for the Italian chinology, being the only Crufts qualification from our country.

We want to thank Roxanna Opris  for the excellent handling and coat trim.
Skjervtun's Picture Perfect "Hermann" has moved to kennel Roxicocker in Italy
He has allready been out and won BOB and BIG2.
You can read more at the website of
kennel Roxicocker>